Don’t let people get away with this lie any longer…..



We did not know that it would be like this

That it would be quite like this……

And Truth is not what we imagined it to be,

Nor is there any joy in being free.

We did not know, for no-one ever told us

(And not many could have told us),

Of the difficulties involved in our deviation

And the utter futility at our destination.

And now we’re tired and sad and disillusioned.

We have seen and there is nothing more to see.

And those who have not seen can never understand

And those who have are powerless to change the fateful hand.

And all around is beauty in the things we used to praise –

And everything is a memory of unforgotten days.

For we never will forget the way that it used to be –

We have found the truth but we are not really free.

We have spoken and there is no more to say –

I suppose it’s possible to live our lives some way.

We’ll never feel again that we belong

Or know if we are really ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

20th August ‘1963 after reading Colin Wilson’s ‘The Outsider’

It is Hard for us to Understand

It is hard for us to understand

Why men were made this way….

That some great god had really planned

A home for such as they.

For nature does not teach us,

The Bible cannot reach us,

Nor holy men convince us

That God will bring a cure.

It is hard for us to understand

That death is not the end….

That to some vast and ghostly land,

Our spirits will ascend.

We cannot quite believe it

And even if we wished it,

We still could not receive it

Until we were quite sure.

So we must try to live without

Knowledge of Truth and Right

‘Til death relieves us of our doubt

And steeps our souls in night.

Then if He’s there we’ll see Him

(Though we may have to flee Him)

Because we could not see Him

On earth and were not sure.


Competition Poem – The Neo-Liberal Con

Insidious evil stalks the Market Place

Spreading so fast

It’s deceptive embrace –

Seductive and vast.

From ‘Ivory Towers to City banks

And ‘Corridors of Power’

To our Media’s corrupted face.

Alas for humanity – divided society,

Undermined solidarity –

Lost without trace.

Cry out for the thousands collaterally broken –

Give voice to the millions who never are heard.

There’s not much more time for truth to be spoken,

Let’s make a commitment to spreading this word.

Written for Blair’s Gift Challenge Competition. See her great Blog at


Youthful Vitality ……..

Youthful vitality ! I wouldst thou were to me

The breathing spirit of the heart and veins

Thou art to some. Instead, the heavy chains

Of thought from which I’ll ne’er be free

Crush like a weed my soul which cries for liberty.

These hours which should be filled with song and pleasure

Are robbed of innocence, of quiet leisure –

While in their stead I watch in misery

Day follow day, tears follow tears and never

Anyone to understand. It’s hard

To smile when the heart is crying.

But oh, if ever I find one to understand and

love me for a while,

The years and all my guilt shall fade away –

I shall be young again and free and gay.

November ’61  (c) IconoclasticNan

The Unbelievers

When we decide to be

Out of anxiety –

Now a forever free,

Pagan Society –

We ask no sympathy

From your complacency.

We have spent thoughtfully

Sleepless nights, tearfully –

Cried out in agony,

Brokenly, prayerfully.

Childlike simplicity

In the complexity

Of all philosophy

Creeds and theology –

We cannot see

You may be sure of right.

We have not any light

Shining in our dark night

No God redeems our plight

So all alone we fight

‘Gainst your dogmatic height –

Rejecting your rules, so trite

Until at last in sight

Freedom comes, gently, bright.

Yet still we’re not happy, quite

Midst your reproving blight.

We do not wish you spite –

You dressed in spotless white –

(Always so sure of right) –

We do not have your light –

Leave us in freedom’s night.

Then will we quietly

Wander in ecstasy,

Finding fresh poignancy

In life’s variety.

We will live joyfully

Children of gaiety

Finding in fantasy

All that we could not see

In man’s philosophy.

Childlike and humble, we

Live for discovery

Loving humanity

Now making history

We do not think we’ll be

Burned in eternity.

We alone are the free


Thoughts which may not be in words expressed

Form toxins in my mind and heart and being.

Let me be free of them.  Give me some rest.

When can I live again without all this fleeing,

This sham and hypocrisy, lies and pretence?

Childish and laughable, wrong and evasive.

Let them be tolerant.  Give them some sense.

My way is right for me.  If they’re persuasive –

Science is more so.  Just let me find my way,

Slowly and steadily, quietly, haltingly.

Truth comes to the traveller alone in the fray,

Who, longing to find it has fought to be free.

Forgive the child who cannot understand

And cannot be the person you had planned.

On Remembrance day 1961

It is not so much that we remember them

Or stand in church and sing and think and pray

Our eyes cast down.  But rather it is they

Who speak to us.  Even the scarlet emblem

Is ours alone.  A light to guide our way,

Not to bring them sympathy or sadness –

They have no use of these.  Gladness,

Victory and life was theirs.  Dying, they say –

Life is in you.  Go and live.  Not sinless,

Not without sickness, suffering, bitter tears.

Bring to life the desire to live.   Be heedless

Of death’s sweet allure.  The years

Are too soon gone.  Therefore be tireless

In being glad.  In living without fears.