The Unbelievers

When we decide to be

Out of anxiety –

Now a forever free,

Pagan Society –

We ask no sympathy

From your complacency.

We have spent thoughtfully

Sleepless nights, tearfully –

Cried out in agony,

Brokenly, prayerfully.

Childlike simplicity

In the complexity

Of all philosophy

Creeds and theology –

We cannot see

You may be sure of right.

We have not any light

Shining in our dark night

No God redeems our plight

So all alone we fight

‘Gainst your dogmatic height –

Rejecting your rules, so trite

Until at last in sight

Freedom comes, gently, bright.

Yet still we’re not happy, quite

Midst your reproving blight.

We do not wish you spite –

You dressed in spotless white –

(Always so sure of right) –

We do not have your light –

Leave us in freedom’s night.

Then will we quietly

Wander in ecstasy,

Finding fresh poignancy

In life’s variety.

We will live joyfully

Children of gaiety

Finding in fantasy

All that we could not see

In man’s philosophy.

Childlike and humble, we

Live for discovery

Loving humanity

Now making history

We do not think we’ll be

Burned in eternity.

We alone are the free


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