Girls and boys come out to play

But not in quite the same old way.

People have to learn new games

Learn to use symbolic names.

Learn to be sophisticated

(Conventions are so antiquated).

Take interest in politics

And why we failed to join ‘the Six’ !

Learn all the ways to defend your ego

Remember when the Bomb comes, we go !

Be heard conversing in interesting places

On the British approach to different races.

Be to the younger generation

A model of modern toleration.

Advocate a change of government

And air abroad your socialist sentiment.

We all see through old Home and the Tories

None of us believe the election stories !

We’ll never support such ‘dishonourable men’,

(But nevertheless, they’ll go in again ).

For everything we do is based on false criteria

And all our ‘games’, head-shrinkers say

Are versions of hysteria.

October 1st 1964





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