Do you see what I see ?

Do you hear what I hear ?

As we listen to the music

We do not hear the same.

And we see what we have learned to see,

Even the guilty can escape all blame

If called innocent and sanitised.

Often enough, by the Media, hypnotised.

Living together, separately

We partake of different worlds

And experience culture shock

When they clash.


Failed Communications

I used to know before you told me

What you’d say.

Then I felt so much like you did


But the years have brought their changes

Made us little more than strangers

And I don’t know any longer

Who you are.

Somehow we lost connection ….

You followed a different star.

In Dylan’s heartfelt lyric

Was our jointly offered prayer –

‘May you stay forever young’.

Now you speak a different tongue.

Yes, there are songs we left unsung

But what we had was real and rare ….

And from our hearts come still that prayer …..

‘O may you stay……….forever young’.

Tenuous Connections

Like synapses we make connections

Each one trembling with potential.

Pregnant symbols of hope –

Such redundancy.

Vibrant connections

Impact lives –

Make history , change things.

Tenuous connections tempt with possibility.

Frustrate with unlived life.

Untravelled paths, abandoned choices,

Forever teasing with impossibly

Unrealisable dreams –

Once attainable and sweet.

Changed Utterly

Everything can change

In one instant of time

Through someone else’s carelessness

Or mine.

Lifelong loss of sound or sight,

Of only child or dearest friend.

Such losses touch our lives with blight

Like broken promises and dreams.

Heartbreak that will not ever mend –

Irreversible choices made.

Words that can never be unsaid

Have repercussions that barely fade

And colour all our days ahead.

February 2009

Spring 2009

Sing the songs of Spring to me

Once again ….

Melodies of eternal youth

For the words from my pen.

When the snow has gone and fresh new life appears

All things make new music

And I too, must sing new songs.

The songs of Spring are songs of hope

That I always think might last.

But as weeks go by,

Most dreams will die –

Like the sad songs of the past.

But I long to write a new song

That is brave and full of joy.

I’ve waited now so very long

And can’t quite catch the beat

Of a song – a Spring song

For dancing in the street.

Happy Thanksgiving – What are you thankful for?

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Staying healthy isnt a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice

Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving, Acorn

I know this seems a bit “cliche” but I figure, there is no other way to spend this Holiday. If you don’t celebrate this holiday, you can still do this activity, because it should be everyday that we are thankful for something. I thought about doing a special “Thanksgiving” video, but I had just woken up and decided no one wants to see this! lol. Instead I decided to write this blog post instead. Please reblog it, and share it with your readers, I am hoping it gets to as many people as possible… a chain reaction! – Shay-lon Moss

Tell me readers, what are YOU thankful for? – It can be one thing or many things, it can be people, objects, relationships, etc. There is no limit to this. I would love to come back from my weekend away and read everything all of you have said you are…

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When dark days were getting darker

You could only sing of pain,

Yet the ‘crowning’ of Obama

Lifts our spirits once again.

We are aware as he must be

Of the enemies of right –

Of so many lacking justice

And their all-but-hopeless plight.

He said we’d do it together –

That he’s not the only ‘One’.

Change ‘s gotta come all over

If the victory’s to be won.

28th January 2009