Learning the Therapeutic Lexicon

What ho for group dynamics !

Lots if underlying panics……

Do not overlook Projection –

The best method of protection.

Don’t let them guess you’re paranoid

Or how involved you are with Freud !

And if you aim to keep afloat

Join in attacking the group’s scapegoat.

It’s fine to talk about obsession

But don’t get involved in releasing repression

If you have any common sense

You’ll not forget the best defence –

Talk of other’s neuroticism,

Implying that you are above criticism.

Speak of the principles of your profession.

In correct procedure, express your aggression.

Learn the necessity of lying –

And the fearful danger of Identifying.

Don’t get involved in frank conversation –

There’s too much risk of revelation.

In other words, be wary and cool,

Then nobody can call you a fool !





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