The Power of the Flowers

We’re of the sixties generation

Who thought the time was ripe

For a peoples’ revolution

Of a new and purer type.

Some tried for liberation

Who were ourselves oppressed –

Oft leading to frustration

But we would not leave our quest.

And some got lost in the theories

Of Marx and Mao and Che,

While others felt they had to go

The Angry bombers’ way.

When the seventies were over

And the hippies had been and gone,

Not many still remembered

Still less were heard to say,

That the early dream is unvanquished

For the Power of the Flowers is Love.

But nothing has been wasted

Since we sang to Lennon’s song.

We’ve learned so much and changed so much

But we still can sing the tune.

Now we need it more than ever

In the struggles of our world

As we move against injustice

And to let the earth survive.

We must sing the songs again

With a new hope in our hearts –

Raising the standards of Gandhi

And of Martin Luther King.

This time we will not be deflected

By the taunting from the Left,

For the ultimate Power is eternal

And ensures its wn success.

And we have that ultimate Power

For the Power of the Flowers is Love.

Yes, it’s time for the flowers again my love

And for the dreaming of wild new dreams;

For the singing of songs of hope, my love –

Re-birth of the brave freedom themes.

We will re-claim the power of repressed ideals

And the power of the people unbowed.

The power of lovers is hope and joy

And the Power of the Flowers is Love.

Brighton 1984   To Nabil


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