Rebelling in 2006 !

I cannot threaten to wear purple when I am old.

With orange and pinks and reds,

I’ve done that all my life you see.

So just what’s left to do instead ?

I’ve wrecked my brains to think of  owt

To  make you grab your kids and shout –

‘Watch out for that old, eccentric lady –

She’s sure to be up to something shady’.

I’ve been a trendy, leftist student rebel,

‘Sat’ for days in syndicated ‘sit-ins’,

Marched on London in ’68.

So now what’s left, please won’t you tell ?

Can’t be an old lady with needles and kittens –

Gotta find new ways to infuriate …..

Write salty letters to ‘Guardian’ or ‘Times’

Or try to say things never said before –

In ‘signs’ !




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