So You Want to Wear a Safety Pin

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Great. This is a necessary behavior in the face of the election of the most overtly racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti- gender and sexual minority candidate in the history of the modern United States…

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In A Natural World

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when things seem crazy stillness and simplicity will allow silence © 2016 Melinda Irvine This is my contribution to the Blogging-U course Photography: Developing your Eye II (Day 4 Natural World). …

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Such a Time…..

Is it true that everything will change now

That we’ve entered a different time ?

Or will these hopes be shattered in the morning –

And dreams of a new dawn, decline ?

How long can we breathe that heady mountain air

And sing our victory songs ?

Before we hear a chilling note of warning

Or learn the real cost to those who dare ?

Let us sing our songs of freedom

As we celebrate this day ……

Calling all to direct action

That will build a true new way.

21st January 2009


Gently in the darkness

You touch my heart,

Like we’d never been apart.

To the rhythm of the music

We move to love’s compelling song.

And our touching is like jazz –

Unscripted …… wild

Insistent ….. like a child

Set free ……..

We are awakened,

Jazz lovers

making sweet, sweet love

To the rhythm of the band.

Where did you learn those ‘grace’ notes my lover ?

Were you taught by angels in heaven ?

Does the music of the senses impel you

Or do you take it where you will ?

Sensuous jazz ……

Interpreter  of love,

I am falling under your spell

As gently in the darkness

You have come and touched my heart.

Early Autumn 2008

Rebelling in 2006 !

I cannot threaten to wear purple when I am old.

With orange and pinks and reds,

I’ve done that all my life you see.

So just what’s left to do instead ?

I’ve wrecked my brains to think of  owt

To  make you grab your kids and shout –

‘Watch out for that old, eccentric lady –

She’s sure to be up to something shady’.

I’ve been a trendy, leftist student rebel,

‘Sat’ for days in syndicated ‘sit-ins’,

Marched on London in ’68.

So now what’s left, please won’t you tell ?

Can’t be an old lady with needles and kittens –

Gotta find new ways to infuriate …..

Write salty letters to ‘Guardian’ or ‘Times’

Or try to say things never said before –

In ‘signs’ !



Beautiful Stranger

Through unrelenting, unelected silence

After the tears and fears

And all this long, dark year –

Suddenly, electrifying,


Awakening desire,

Like returning exiles,

Coming empty-handed,

Our quickened hearts beat faster.

Beautiful stranger,

Tell me who you are  …..

Then I will sing you cyber-songs.

I’ll read the words you send me slowly

As I seek to come to know you.

If I answer all your questions,

Will you do the same for me ?

Our exiled hearts are beating

Reaching out with words of grace.

Then turn from cyber-space, my dear one,

So we can linger face to face.



A PomoXian Jamboree ?

Come all of you who’ve got a spot of ‘oirish’,

(Not forgetting true-myth creatures from the ‘Shire’).

Bring Cabanero pepper and some ‘Poteen’ –

We’ll be an impact-making, ‘pomo’, ‘oirish’ choir !

If you ever come across the sea to ‘Oirland’

To the World PomoXian Real-Time Jamboree,

Don’t forget to bring your band from near Seattle

We’ll help them find their roots in ‘dark Rosleen’.


[A fun song to the tune of ‘Galway Bay’ for members of the old

PomoXian -po(st)mo(dern) Christianity Forum]