Laying The Blame For Copeland On Corbyn Is Unfair…And Here Is Why!

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Turning the Tide

Fortunately for me I am still on my Lanzarote holiday, so had the luxury of being to stay up for last night’s long anticipated, slightly feared by-election results. Going by the reactions from my FB friends, I was far from alone. The relief and pleasure over Stoke was deeply felt. The disapointment over Copeland even more so. That was in part due to a comment I’d missed earlier, made by David Dimbleby on BBC’s Question Time. Apparently he suffered from a case of premature declaration, calling both Stoke and Copeland for Labour hours before the count was due in. If you’re not a Corbyn supporter you might well wonder why anyone would get excited about such speculation. If you are a Corbyn supporter you will understand.

Since the coup (or if you’re a MSM journalist, the event that must not be named), the bad news has been relentless. At times…

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Corbyn Supporters Are A Tough Bunch And Here’s Why..

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Turning the Tide

This is probably the shortest blog post I’ve ever written, but why write in a 1000 words what you can say in 200. So here goes.

The right of the party have politically kneecapped Corbyn with their terribly indulgent, bullying and damaging coup. Now they are just waiting for him to stumble and fall so they can benefit from their sabotage. But he won’t fall if we hold him up. To hold him up we have to be strong. When hopelessness beckons we have to wave it away. When adversity hits we have to patch ourselves up and get back into the ring. When pundits tell us we can’t win we remind them we live in strange times. This is not a time for political safe bets or write-offs. And then we remind ourselves why we are where we are.

The reason Corbyn is so vilified by the media and…

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