Duo Shows What Feminism Means to Relationships

Really would like to find feminists, Brexiters, Remainers , politicos and activists who want to, or are already engaged in promoting irenic conversations and debate and are totally opposed to the language of shaming, humiliating opponents and endless, snide point-scoring and one-upmanship. I feel the time has come for skills of mediation, active listening, conflict resolution and irenic debate to become trendy via social media, conferences and workshops and blogs. I know there are people already engaged but I would love to see it get so big that it would actually BREAK the culture of me-centred individualist aggro and restore a default atonement to understanding, co-operation and mutual respect. It could radiate out from Fourth wave feminism and draw in the others mentioned and more (e.g. all concerned with bullying – especially on-line). Who’s interested?

Fourth Wave Feminism

With the startling vilification of Feminism in this modern age, it’s wonderfully heart-warming to see those who can honestly portray all the best that it has to offer. Such as this delightful pairs simple and understanding statements in a series of photographs explaining that Feminism doesn’t mean hate or irrational behaviour but just care for our fellow human beings.

ENqzLsnSome of us may not be in relationships but those who are must understand that being a different gender than your partner does not mean you are any less their equal or either of you are any less capable of caring for the other. A nice message for the end of the weekend, treat others how you wish to be treated.

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