: Tillich’s Challenge: The Search for New Vocabulary : Tillich’s Challenge: The Search for New Vocabulary

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Art and Artists

Challenging thoughts here from John W Leys on ‘Darkness of His Dreams’ Blog. Anyone care to respond ?

Darkness of His Dreams

They say, “Don’t confuse Hamlet with Shakespeare,”
Bill wasn’t an introspective indecisive Dane,
Byron wasn’t Byronic,
And Dylan never shot anyone named Grey.

But can you separate art from artist?
Could you enjoy the poetry of an unashamed
pederaster (not a pedophile!) member of NAMBLA,
Loving boys like a Greek philosopher?

Would you read a novelist you knew was a Nazi,
Even if none of his characters ever gassed a Jew?

Could you become lost in the mythic meters of
Primeval prose poems written by a serial adulterer?

What about Haiku written by a westerner who thinks
A $15 minimum wage just isn’t right?

You can’t give support to such horrible human beings,
But what if they’re too dead to profit from book sales?

Your favorite holocaust surviving Hollywood director
Turns out to be a pedophilic rapist,
Now his best made movies make you vomit
Just seeing his name on…

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Duo Shows What Feminism Means to Relationships

Really would like to find feminists, Brexiters, Remainers , politicos and activists who want to, or are already engaged in promoting irenic conversations and debate and are totally opposed to the language of shaming, humiliating opponents and endless, snide point-scoring and one-upmanship. I feel the time has come for skills of mediation, active listening, conflict resolution and irenic debate to become trendy via social media, conferences and workshops and blogs. I know there are people already engaged but I would love to see it get so big that it would actually BREAK the culture of me-centred individualist aggro and restore a default atonement to understanding, co-operation and mutual respect. It could radiate out from Fourth wave feminism and draw in the others mentioned and more (e.g. all concerned with bullying – especially on-line). Who’s interested?

Fourth Wave Feminism

With the startling vilification of Feminism in this modern age, it’s wonderfully heart-warming to see those who can honestly portray all the best that it has to offer. Such as this delightful pairs simple and understanding statements in a series of photographs explaining that Feminism doesn’t mean hate or irrational behaviour but just care for our fellow human beings.

ENqzLsnSome of us may not be in relationships but those who are must understand that being a different gender than your partner does not mean you are any less their equal or either of you are any less capable of caring for the other. A nice message for the end of the weekend, treat others how you wish to be treated.

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Laying The Blame For Copeland On Corbyn Is Unfair…And Here Is Why!

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Turning the Tide

Fortunately for me I am still on my Lanzarote holiday, so had the luxury of being to stay up for last night’s long anticipated, slightly feared by-election results. Going by the reactions from my FB friends, I was far from alone. The relief and pleasure over Stoke was deeply felt. The disapointment over Copeland even more so. That was in part due to a comment I’d missed earlier, made by David Dimbleby on BBC’s Question Time. Apparently he suffered from a case of premature declaration, calling both Stoke and Copeland for Labour hours before the count was due in. If you’re not a Corbyn supporter you might well wonder why anyone would get excited about such speculation. If you are a Corbyn supporter you will understand.

Since the coup (or if you’re a MSM journalist, the event that must not be named), the bad news has been relentless. At times…

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The still face paradigm, the just world fallacy, inequality and the decline of empathy

This is long but by far the best analysis of the horrendously damaging toxicity of neo-liberal strategy to manipulate populations through stigmatising and ‘othering’. People need to know about this in order to resist it.

Politics and Insights


UNICEF’s reports have consistently put the UK at the bottom of the child well-being league table. See also: UNICEF criticises UK’s failure to tackle child inequality as gap grows.

pie-wealthSource: The Equality Trust 

The still face paradigm and inequality

Before Christmas I read an excellent and insightful article by Michael Bader called The Decline of Empathy and the Appeal of Right-Wing Politics, which was about Edward Tronick’s Still Face experiment in part. Tronick is an American developmental psychologist at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His studies illuminate the importance of trusting relationships and consistent human responses in children’s development and learning.

Tronick’s experimental design was very simple: mothers were asked to play as they usually would with their six-month-old infants. The mothers were then instructed to suddenly blank their face: to make their facial expression flat and neutral – completely “still”  – and to do so for…

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The Wrong Road Taken

However did we leave His Way

Of justice for the poor, and peace?

To sell our souls to Constantine

And fighting over Creeds?

Align ourselves with Power and Kings

To fawn, exploit and kill ?

So often done unspeakable things

And claimed they were God’s will ?

So much of all this tragic folly

Has for so long been justified –

By literally reading as ‘Word of God’,

The Books of the Canon were deified.

They told of an angry, violent God,

Of arbitrary favouring –

Such stories clearly gave the nod

To bigots, wars and slavery.

But though we’ve strayed from Jesus’ Love,

We can still change to choose His Way.

22nd, January 2017


Father of My Child

Midst all that you have done and been –

The struggle undergone, unseen,

So many knew and loved you well

Yet only one has this to tell –

You were the father of my child.

You stood for justice, freedom, peace

And bravely spoke against deceit.

Your influence will surely long outlive you –

A heritage your friends will give you.

And I, despite storms, dark and wild,

Still love the father of my child.

What will be your legacy ?

DearHeart – a true equality

Where justice grounds the polity

And innocents from fear be free ?

Grandpa Keith – our visionary schemer –

Sleep well, inspire our hearts,

Beloved activist and dreamer.

May 2009

Who are you Really ?

I hear you’ve gone and changed your name again.

Not sure when or where.

I knew you never stay the same.

I wonder if you’re happier there ?

And if you’re tiring of this game ?

Marianna was a lovely name,

But you’ve changed it to be Jo!

Now Marianna’s story – no one may ever know.

Will Jo’s existence be the same ?

Forgotten, when you choose to go ?

Can there be no continuity

For such as you, who must be free ?

Must you live so unconnected,

Wild and cool and disaffected ?

– Marianna   –  Jo  –  Cherie ?

February 2009