Who are you Really ?

I hear you’ve gone and changed your name again.

Not sure when or where.

I knew you never stay the same.

I wonder if you’re happier there ?

And if you’re tiring of this game ?

Marianna was a lovely name,

But you’ve changed it to be Jo!

Now Marianna’s story – no one may ever know.

Will Jo’s existence be the same ?

Forgotten, when you choose to go ?

Can there be no continuity

For such as you, who must be free ?

Must you live so unconnected,

Wild and cool and disaffected ?

– Marianna   –  Jo  –  Cherie ?

February 2009


Jazz Fantasy

Tell me your story Mr. Music Man

Lay down your trumpet and tell me if you can

Why you’re living on the street

And how you came to play so sweet ?

Is there a place you once called home ?

Someone you loved who loved you too ?

Tell me how and why you always roam –

Mr music Man so cool and blue ?