The light is bright tonight

The music pure and clear,

Serial virtuoso solos

Not much interplay between –

And I am restless,

Wanting to go,

Watching the hands of your watch

Move real slow.

February 2009



Spring 2009

Sing the songs of Spring to me

Once again ….

Melodies of eternal youth

For the words from my pen.

When the snow has gone and fresh new life appears

All things make new music

And I too, must sing new songs.

The songs of Spring are songs of hope

That I always think might last.

But as weeks go by,

Most dreams will die –

Like the sad songs of the past.

But I long to write a new song

That is brave and full of joy.

I’ve waited now so very long

And can’t quite catch the beat

Of a song – a Spring song

For dancing in the street.


Gently in the darkness

You touch my heart,

Like we’d never been apart.

To the rhythm of the music

We move to love’s compelling song.

And our touching is like jazz –

Unscripted …… wild

Insistent ….. like a child

Set free ……..

We are awakened,

Jazz lovers

making sweet, sweet love

To the rhythm of the band.

Where did you learn those ‘grace’ notes my lover ?

Were you taught by angels in heaven ?

Does the music of the senses impel you

Or do you take it where you will ?

Sensuous jazz ……

Interpreter  of love,

I am falling under your spell

As gently in the darkness

You have come and touched my heart.

Early Autumn 2008