The Wrong Road Taken

However did we leave His Way

Of justice for the poor, and peace?

To sell our souls to Constantine

And fighting over Creeds?

Align ourselves with Power and Kings

To fawn, exploit and kill ?

So often done unspeakable things

And claimed they were God’s will ?

So much of all this tragic folly

Has for so long been justified –

By literally reading as ‘Word of God’,

The Books of the Canon were deified.

They told of an angry, violent God,

Of arbitrary favouring –

Such stories clearly gave the nod

To bigots, wars and slavery.

But though we’ve strayed from Jesus’ Love,

We can still change to choose His Way.

22nd, January 2017



Father of My Child

Midst all that you have done and been –

The struggle undergone, unseen,

So many knew and loved you well

Yet only one has this to tell –

You were the father of my child.

You stood for justice, freedom, peace

And bravely spoke against deceit.

Your influence will surely long outlive you –

A heritage your friends will give you.

And I, despite storms, dark and wild,

Still love the father of my child.

What will be your legacy ?

DearHeart – a true equality

Where justice grounds the polity

And innocents from fear be free ?

Grandpa Keith – our visionary schemer –

Sleep well, inspire our hearts,

Beloved activist and dreamer.

May 2009

My Dearest Friend

Sixteen she was – funny and smart,

‘I want to be good’ she cried.

Her wistful sadness stole my heart –

But fun and laughter came beside.

Then when we went our different ways

We never quite forgot –

The highs and lows of all our days

We shared, though not a lot.

We nearly lost what we had back then

Which would have been so sad.

But when at last we met again –

O what times of joy we’ve had.

As years slip back

It seems no time

Divides us from our age-old craic.

I know this love will never end

For Jenny is my dearest friend.

Christmas 2014

Failed Communications

I used to know before you told me

What you’d say.

Then I felt so much like you did


But the years have brought their changes

Made us little more than strangers

And I don’t know any longer

Who you are.

Somehow we lost connection ….

You followed a different star.

In Dylan’s heartfelt lyric

Was our jointly offered prayer –

‘May you stay forever young’.

Now you speak a different tongue.

Yes, there are songs we left unsung

But what we had was real and rare ….

And from our hearts come still that prayer …..

‘O may you stay……….forever young’.

Changed Utterly

Everything can change

In one instant of time

Through someone else’s carelessness

Or mine.

Lifelong loss of sound or sight,

Of only child or dearest friend.

Such losses touch our lives with blight

Like broken promises and dreams.

Heartbreak that will not ever mend –

Irreversible choices made.

Words that can never be unsaid

Have repercussions that barely fade

And colour all our days ahead.

February 2009


Gently in the darkness

You touch my heart,

Like we’d never been apart.

To the rhythm of the music

We move to love’s compelling song.

And our touching is like jazz –

Unscripted …… wild

Insistent ….. like a child

Set free ……..

We are awakened,

Jazz lovers

making sweet, sweet love

To the rhythm of the band.

Where did you learn those ‘grace’ notes my lover ?

Were you taught by angels in heaven ?

Does the music of the senses impel you

Or do you take it where you will ?

Sensuous jazz ……

Interpreter  of love,

I am falling under your spell

As gently in the darkness

You have come and touched my heart.

Early Autumn 2008

Beautiful Stranger

Through unrelenting, unelected silence

After the tears and fears

And all this long, dark year –

Suddenly, electrifying,


Awakening desire,

Like returning exiles,

Coming empty-handed,

Our quickened hearts beat faster.

Beautiful stranger,

Tell me who you are  …..

Then I will sing you cyber-songs.

I’ll read the words you send me slowly

As I seek to come to know you.

If I answer all your questions,

Will you do the same for me ?

Our exiled hearts are beating

Reaching out with words of grace.

Then turn from cyber-space, my dear one,

So we can linger face to face.