The In – between Time

This is time set appart –

Time to imagine,

Sing songs without rhyme.

As unfulfilled longings awaken the heart.

This is your time and my time

To pray and to dream,

Before it is our time

The past to redeem.

So cherish these moments

So poignant and sweet.

They will help us prepare for that day when we meet !

Wednesday, 21st., July 2004



The Neo-Liberal Con

Insidious evil stalks the Market Place

Spreading so fast.

Its  deceptive embrace –

Seductive and vast.

From ‘Ivory Towers’ to ‘City Banks’

And ‘Corridors of Power’

To our Media’s corrupted face.

Alas for humanity, divided society,

Undermined solidarity –

Lost without trace.

Cry out for the thousands, collateral broken,

Give voice to the millions who never are heard.

There’s not much more time for truth to be spoken –

Let’s make commitment to spreading this word.

15th August 2015



Genvieve’s Questions

So very many questions

From the years of pain and grief.

But the ‘answers’ do not satisfy

And do not bring relief. Came, hoping for some insight

Where there weren’t none to be found.

Puzzled by a less-than-certain faith-style –

Yet where hope and love abound.

We, who do not have your answers

And cannot explain your loss,

Still are focused upon Jesus

And the mystery of his cross.

For his magnetism draws us

Down the labyrinthine years,

His Spirit captivates our hearts

And his love dissolves our fears.

We still hear his invitation

To his Kingdom of the free.

We can let go the complications

Hearing simply ‘Follow me’.

[ Prompted by a dialogue in cyber-space 2002]

Beautiful Stranger

Through unrelenting, unelected silence

After the tears and fears

And all this long, dark year –

Suddenly, electrifying,


Awakening desire,

Like returning exiles,

Coming empty-handed,

Our quickened hearts beat faster.

Beautiful stranger,

Tell me who you are  …..

Then I will sing you cyber-songs.

I’ll read the words you send me slowly

As I seek to come to know you.

If I answer all your questions,

Will you do the same for me ?

Our exiled hearts are beating

Reaching out with words of grace.

Then turn from cyber-space, my dear one,

So we can linger face to face.



A PomoXian Jamboree ?

Come all of you who’ve got a spot of ‘oirish’,

(Not forgetting true-myth creatures from the ‘Shire’).

Bring Cabanero pepper and some ‘Poteen’ –

We’ll be an impact-making, ‘pomo’, ‘oirish’ choir !

If you ever come across the sea to ‘Oirland’

To the World PomoXian Real-Time Jamboree,

Don’t forget to bring your band from near Seattle

We’ll help them find their roots in ‘dark Rosleen’.


[A fun song to the tune of ‘Galway Bay’ for members of the old

PomoXian -po(st)mo(dern) Christianity Forum]


Reaching Across Cyber-Space

You’re at the other side of cyber-space  –

Wouldn’t even recognise your face!

But now I know your name.

Dunno how you’re feeling today,

Can’t tell what you’re going through.

And if I say that I will pray,

Perhaps you will not want me to.

As Larry says – it’s so unfair,

And Jacy knows, ‘cos she’s been there.

And though we only know your name –

Peggy, we want you to know, we care.



After News about Biafra

Little one among so many others without names,

What will you think when you are old enough to know ?

Will you ever ask the reason for your hunger pains ?

And who will answer then ?

What could they say to you ?

How make you understand ?

Will you live long enough to forgive the world ?

O world, how long can we resist the claims of love ?

How long deny identity with sin ?

What must we see before we share the pain ?

World, we must die before we learn to live again.