Who are you Really ?

I hear you’ve gone and changed your name again.

Not sure when or where.

I knew you never stay the same.

I wonder if you’re happier there ?

And if you’re tiring of this game ?

Marianna was a lovely name,

But you’ve changed it to be Jo!

Now Marianna’s story – no one may ever know.

Will Jo’s existence be the same ?

Forgotten, when you choose to go ?

Can there be no continuity

For such as you, who must be free ?

Must you live so unconnected,

Wild and cool and disaffected ?

– Marianna   –  Jo  –  Cherie ?

February 2009


Genvieve’s Questions

So very many questions

From the years of pain and grief.

But the ‘answers’ do not satisfy

And do not bring relief. Came, hoping for some insight

Where there weren’t none to be found.

Puzzled by a less-than-certain faith-style –

Yet where hope and love abound.

We, who do not have your answers

And cannot explain your loss,

Still are focused upon Jesus

And the mystery of his cross.

For his magnetism draws us

Down the labyrinthine years,

His Spirit captivates our hearts

And his love dissolves our fears.

We still hear his invitation

To his Kingdom of the free.

We can let go the complications

Hearing simply ‘Follow me’.

[ Prompted by a dialogue in cyber-space 2002]

Tenuous Connections

Like synapses we make connections

Each one trembling with potential.

Pregnant symbols of hope –

Such redundancy.

Vibrant connections

Impact lives –

Make history , change things.

Tenuous connections tempt with possibility.

Frustrate with unlived life.

Untravelled paths, abandoned choices,

Forever teasing with impossibly

Unrealisable dreams –

Once attainable and sweet.

An Experience

It is not that life itself has changed

For I still can see quite clearly

The sad perplexity

On every hand.

And yet there is a new mysterious lightening,

A quickening of spirit that I don’t quite understand.

It is not regeneration which so often comes in Spring,

But a vibrant orchestration in my heart,

In everything.

Not the tenderness of being loved

But the creative energy of loving.

Not the touch of your hand

But the living spark of your soul

As it awakens mine.

Here is an ecstasy hitherto unsung,

A gateway to awareness.

For to know one other soul

Is more important than all

The books of philosophy

Ever written. And to love is to know

A kindredship of spirits

That transcends the futility.

This is the mysterious beauty of human existance.

To this we give our assent and in doing so refuse

The lure of death and open

Our hearts again to life.

Mar. ’64