To a Sassanach

Thine is an enviable Establishment –

Where cold reserve’s a foil for a warm-blooded parliament !

And Church is still upheld by godly Royalty

In spite of blasphemy in Windsor Park on Sunday!

The literate set (who like to think they’re mod.)

Stimulated in turn by ‘Lady Chatterly’ and ‘Honest to God’.

The pursuit of learning is not so much a bore,

(Students may do five terms instead of four),

As it is an opportunity for not doing anything positive

Apart from expressing Freudian drives and expositives.

So the English man with his stiff upper lip and his furled umbrella,

I feel is really disguising a much nicer fella.

And when he’s definitely not a communist –

And really only mildly existentialist –

This is significant because he very probably

Is practising an outer equanimity –

The epitomy of quite an ordinary guy –

When all the time he’s actually a spy !

And if I hadn’t come to England,

I really would have missed

The weekly appointments of some with their psychiatrist.

My dears, I find you all most delightfully neurotic –

To live like you – how wonderful – how positively erotic !,

(c) 1963


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